After creating history by organising the first-ever cricket match on snow, Beyond Boundaries Heritage took pride in being able to highlight the conservation efforts of the South African reserves through the World Cricket Legends.
As unimaginable as it may seem, South Africa was facing a rare decline in tourism and needed a campaign that could turn the tables and put South Africa Tourism back in the global tourism limelight. With a lot at stake, team BBH realised that an unprecedented strategy could achieve this objective with an exclusive one of campaign merging sports with tourism. The idea was to create a one-of-its-kind master stroke. BBH proposed their most prestigious international sports tourism property, the World Cricket Legends, which is 100 per cent personally ideated, created and personally owned by Jaideep Sinh Parmar. South Africa Tourism’s biggest crowd puller wildlife and a sport that has been bringing people together for decades in order to organize the world’s first-ever international cricket match to be played in the middle of a game reserve and being able to highlight the conservation efforts of the South African reserves. The entire campaign lead to a fantastic response in terms of effortless global PR, with the initiative making headlines across twenty countries

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