▶️ Violent scuffles break out in Cape Town as riot police remove refugees from outside the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) office and from a mall, Wednesday, October 30. Protesters were holding a sit-in for 24 days over the safety of foreign nationals in the city.
👉 South African police arrested around 100 foreign nationals occupying the office building.
Hundreds of asylum-seekers have been camping at the UNHCR offices in South Africa’s capital Pretoria and the coastal city of Cape Town since October 8.
The sit-in overflowed into the building housing the UN’s Cape Town office, prompting the landlord to successfully apply for their eviction. The foreigners, mainly from other African nations, say they are fed up with being ill-treated and discriminated against.
They have asked the UN to relocate them to another country, claiming they no longer feel safe in South Africa after a surge of xenophobic attacks last month.
Anti-immigrant violence that swept through South Africa in September left at least 12 people dead. The violence prompted Nigeria to repatriate hundreds of its citizens while Malawi repatriated at least 75. (VOA/AFP)

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