The Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) Unit located in the Department of Justice held a meeting in Pretoria yesterday with the TRC beneficiaries who came from across the country. The intention of the meeting was to discuss the delay of the 2019 tuition funds payments to beneficiaries of the education fund as part of the TRC recommendations. The meeting also discussed other forms of social assistance including education, health and medical benefits, and housing in trying to meet challenges faced by beneficiaries. We are now joined by Lufuno Mmbadi, she is the director of the TRC Unit in the Department of Justice and Correctional Services. Also with us is and Onalenna Mathe, a TRC education fund beneficiary. And from our Pretoria studios we are joined by Dr Marjorie Jobson, the National Director of Khulumani Support Group, and Onalenna Mathe, student beneficiary.

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