Best fails, bloopers and golden moments captured on live broadcast in South Africa. This video us for laughs and giggles only, and no political motivation.
Enjoy and have a good laugh!

1. Parliament footage, EFF “she is sleeping”
2. eNCA news, “Zuma must just #@$! off”
3. Parliament footage, EFF “she is drinking green stuff”
4. Parliament footage, president Cyril Ramaphosa advertising new condoms
5. Parliament footage, EFF scuffle with members
6. SABC news, live footage of president Cyril Ramaphosa making a mistake
7. SABC news, cameras off sequence catch presenter off guard
8. eNCA news, reporter very tired
9. Parliament footage, “some of us dont speak english that well, and only go Hon! Hon! Hon!”
10. SABC news, the dagga / weed debate
11. KTN news, Zuma educating parliament how to pronounce Nkankla
12. SABC news, harassment of news reporter in Alexandra
13. SABC news, reporter being mugged before going on air
14. SA news, “you give a man a fish, ISH…”
15. SABC news, Zuma give geography lesson, “Africa is the biggest continent in the world”
16. SA news, Zuma counting for us
17. SABC news, live interview with SARS Chief Officer digital & it, In-saucing and out-saucing
18. eNCA news, I got balls

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